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We must be old. We cannot choose but be old. We have heard the chimes at midnight at the the end of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme music – twenty years ago? It was a simpler time, when one girl (albeit with supernatural strength) and her friends could avert the apocalypse, time and again, because the apocalypse was a bunch of demons trying to open a gateway to hell, or the mayor of a small town trying to turn himself into a demon, not an entire global system of doom. Even as the threats became more powerful and apparently unstoppable – deranged hellgods, a rogue military experiment, sexually frustrated adolescent boys – they remained identifiable, nameable, and ultimately susceptible to the judicious application of violence. If only… (more…)

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I actually have several ideas for posts lined up – my thoughts on the Thucydides adaptation, some musings on the reception of Thucydides outside the Western tradition – and absolutely no time to spare to write them at the moment, as I have to finish marking several different piles of student essays in time to get some sort of a paper scribbled for the conference on Monday. Normal service will be resumed at some point; meanwhile, I’ve been meaning for ages to post a copy of my old paper on ideas of the past in Buffy the Vampire Slayer; one of my favourites of everything I’ve ever written, as it happens. Never managed to get it published, for various reasons; it did reside on my personal webpage at the university for a while, but that has long since stopped working properly…

History as Nightmare

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