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As readers of my Twitter feed will have been unable to ignore, I’ve spent the last two days at a conference in Cambridge in honour of Paul Cartledge, How to Do Things with History: a fantastic occasion with a glittering line-up of speakers – just a small selection of all Paul’s former students, colleagues and friends (overlapping categories, obviously) – engaging with a range of topics that reflected different aspects of his work, from Sparta and Marxism to Athenian political thought and practice, always with a hefty dose of theoretical sophistication. I was very flattered to be asked to chair a session, and so able to feel that I was in a very small way contributing to the event – including, once it became obvious that all the sessions were going to over-run even when the discussion was policed as rigorously as possible, being very self-restrained in not abusing chair’s privilege to trot out my own anecdotes and personal tribute. Then, during Paul’s speech after dinner, it was time for the discreet use of a handkerchief when he actually alluded to one of these incidents; and, as it does add a little to the wealth of examples of his extraordinary generosity to pretty well everyone he ever taught, I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell a fuller version of the story here… (more…)

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