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Makes You Stronger…

I’m feeling shamed by one of the cats. Admittedly this isn’t entirely a new experience – they regularly regard me with deep reproach, especially when I’ve abandoned them to go off to some conference or other, and occasionally reinforce the message by pissing on my trouser leg – but this is rather different, as it’s about their mark example. Hector has been with us barely a month; he had an infection as a very small kitten and lost the sight in his right eye, but that didn’t seem to slow him down at all. However, on Saturday night we came home to find his eye was oozing unpleasant stuff, and the vet’s response next morning was to suck in her teeth like the mechanic who’s just been inspecting your car engine to work out why it’s been making funny noises. So, yesterday morning Hector was straight in for a very expensive operation, and now… Trigger Warning: don’t click on ‘read more’ unless you’re prepared for gruesomeness… (more…)

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C5E35E6F-49BA-48C8-9154-53C7777EF683I’ve always been much more of a cat person than a dog person; no offence to the memory of dear old Bailey the neurotic greyhound, or to the various dogs of family members and neighbours, but it’s cats that I can’t imagine living without. (more…)

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bertie and the bookIt has been suggested that I might have made more of the publication of my new book on Thucydides’ reception in modern historiography (available from I.B. Tauris) than bury it in a post on other things. So, here is a picture of the book, alongside a cute cat, on the principle that this might just turn viral. But probably not; Bertie looks suitably affronted that he isn’t mentioned in the acknowledgements, but it’s nothing compared with this portrait of magnificent indifference to academic achievement from one of the cats of my colleague Chris Brooke…

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