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Stuck in the Middle

searleI’m now somewhere in the middle – it’s slightly trickier than it used to be to determine the exact mid-point, as we’re working with a new academic calendar – of my nineteenth year in Bristol and my twentieth year in some sort of full-time academic employment. One couldn’t get much more mid-career than that – well, other than the likelihood that the notional retirement age will do a Zeno’s tortoise thing, retreating further into the distance however much progress one makes towards it – and it does make you think, reflect and feel generally middle-aged. Even more so after hearing a senior colleague in the faculty referring to a certain department that will remain nameless, blessed with an staff age profile that is particularly heavy on the forty-somethings, as suffering from a collective mid-life crisis.

What, I feel impelled to wonder, is the academic equivalent of buying a ridiculously expensive motorbike or getting a face-lift? (more…)

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