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If you hang a pistol on the wall in the first act of a play, Chekhov remarked, you need someone to fire it in the next act. On the same principle, if you build a big set of the New York Stock Exchange for Götterdämmerung, you’re going to burn it down at the end. Unless, of course, you’re Frank Castorf, in his Bayreuth production of the Ring that reached its conclusion this year. What did you expect – fire, flood, revolution, the destruction of the old order and the birth of the new? People die: Siegfried, Brünnhilde, Günther, the unnamed ‘everyman’ character who’s reappeared in every episode. The system, however, endures, as it was always likely to; the gods may have thoughtlessly set events in motion, and supplied the weapons of destruction, but they are at best mildly inconvenienced.

Götterdämmerung 2017 3 (more…)

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