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I’m So Not Glad

It’s Reading Week next week – or, as it really should be known, Essay Feedback / Academic Progress Tutorials / Soothing Brows of Neglected Research Students / Yet More Exciting Meetings / Extra Training Sessions / Desperately Catching Up On Admin In Vague Hope Of Getting To Do Some Research Some Time Before 2017 Week. One of the most depressing aspects of being quite this busy is that I can’t spend so much time engaging with people on the internet, other than sending out sarcastic tweets during¬†really exciting meetings; there’s any number of things I’d like to blog about, not to mention all the blogs I’d like to be discussing, but this sort of thing is still regarded by the Powers That Be as an irrelevant distraction from the ‘real’ job, useful for advertising now and again but something that must be set aside whenever time is tight, regardless of the risk of losing what audience I have ‘cos it’s gone all quiet here. Anyway, this is just to say that I’m still alive, for readers who don’t follow me on Twitter (@NevilleMorley if anyone’s interested) – and, in honour of the late great Jack Bruce, here’s one of the more interesting examples of classical reception in modern rock music…

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