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In the mid-24th century, Ellen May Ngwethu, a member of the Cassini Division, the front-line force of the Solar Union in the face of the post-human Jovians, summarises to herself the ‘true knowledge’ that was the foundation of her society:

Life is a process of breaking down and using other matter, and if need be, other life. Therefore, life is aggression, and successful life is successful aggression.  Life is the scum of matter, and people are the scum of life. There is nothing but matter, forces, space and time, which together make power. Nothing matters, except what matters to you. Might makes right, and power makes freedom. You are free to do whatever is in your power, and if you want to survive and thrive you had better do whatever is in your interests.  If your interests conflict with those of others, let the others pit their power against yours. If your interests coincide with those of others, let them work together with you, and against the rest. We are what we eat, and we eat everything. All that you really value, and the goodness and truth and beauty of life, have their roots in this apparently barren soil.

Thucydides is not mentioned (more…)

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