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I’ve joked before that I gravitated towards economic and social history because I have a terrible memory for dates. That’s not entirely true – it’s rather the case that I think that, most of the time, longer-term structural factors are more important than short-term l’histoire événementielle in shaping human life, and of course that applies to politics as well – but I *do* have a terrible memory for dates, and hence tend to get defensive on the subject, given that a lot of people assume that history is basically about dates so this must be what I do.

Given this proclivity, you might expect my reaction to this week’s news story about a Pompeian graffito that potentially changes our view of the date of the eruption of Vesuvius would be basically negative: whoop-di-doo, as I once remarked of the fuss over the discovery of Richard III’s bones. Not at all! (more…)

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Since it’s Christmas, and I’ve had a few, a true confession or two: my highest professional ambition is to appear as a special guest on The Muppet Show, followed by being a performer on Strictly Come Dancing, followed by getting to do Desert Island Discs. I’m enough of a realist to realise that Top of the Pops is now beyond my reach, unless I can manage a guest spot with the wonderful Trwbador. (Yes, I know it’s also been cancelled. So’s The Muppet Show. In my fantasy, they’d bring it back so I could appear on it. They’d also bring Katya back to Strictly in the event that I get to dance on it, so I could have her as my partner. It’s a daydream, for goodness’ sake). (more…)

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