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One thing Greece certainly isn’t short of, besides sunshine and beaches, is mythological and historical referents. On Friday, Larry Elliott in the Grauniad offered us Sisyphus – “Alex Tsipras has also angered the gods”, and so has to keep pushing the boulder of reform proposals up the hill again and again.* This morning brings Brian M. Lucey’s hilarious parody of the whole “cultural mine that keeps on yielding” thing, presented through the myth of Tantalus:

He was condemned to stand in a lake of water with a grapevine over his head. If he stooped to drink the water receded, if he stretched to eat the grapes drew back. If Greece tries to cut its way from a depression the debt burden worsens, if it seeks aid the aid is yanked out of reach.


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Okay, it seems as if they may have got me; after months of nay-saying, sneering and muttering – and despite the best efforts of the BBC’s disastrous coverage of the cycling today (timechecks! how the hell can you show a road race without timechecks, you morons?) – I may be joining the pod people, and starting to cheer at least selected bits of the Olympics. Despite the fact that they are most definitely the London, not the British, Olympics, and I really don’t feel that London represents me in any helpful way. Damn you, Danny Boyle.

It was the exploding chimneys wot did it. (more…)

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