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One of the most striking items in this morning’s newspaper was the fact that the only non-anonymous funder of the aggressive grouse-shooting lobby organisationĀ You Forgot The Birds, hedge fund manager Crispin Odey, houses his chickens in a stone edifice modelled on a Greek temple (I missed this story when the plans were first identified via his local council’s planning department website).

Crispin-Odey-chicken-coop-008 (more…)

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As anyone who follows me on Twitter might have gathered, I’ve spent the last couple of days at a conference in Cambridge onĀ (Re)approaching Roman Frugality, organised by Cristiano Viglietti; this is part of the explanation for the silence on this blog over the last month, as I went straight from a couple of weeks’ exhausted collapse and catching up on sleep over Christmas to hasty re-reading of Varro in order to pull together something more or less coherent on the theme. As often happens, I’d invented a title for the paper and scribbled a short abstract on the basis of limited thought and more or less no research – the conference theme appealed not because it was a topic I was working on but because it’s something that fits with possible future work – and it rapidly became clear that this was not one of my most successful bits of intellectual improvisation…


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