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Draper's Ulysses

I’m celebrating today submitting a substantial (in both senses of the word) funding application for the next phase of the Thucydides project, which has involved several days’ worth of staring at figures wondering why they were refusing to add up. It really doesn’t help that the university’s Full Economic Costing system and the Je-S application system use different categories for expenditure, so it’s more or less impossible to input exactly the same information in the same format into each – and neither of them really suited my purposes so I produced my own master costings spreadsheet, and hence at times found that I had three different versions of what was supposed to be the same bit of the budget. Anyway, the application finally reached the “that’ll do” stage last night, and this morning I checked the last financial anomaly and pressed the ‘submit’ button on each of the systems (having spent five minutes wondering whether it would make a difference which one went first – this sort of thing does get to one eventually…); I’ve therefore spent a chunk of this afternoon indulging in a bit of light relief, and this podcast is the result; it’s ages since I did one, so it’s definitely a bit rough round the edges, but it’ll do…


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