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A couple of weeks ago I was in Trier on the invitation of Prof. Christoph Schaefer to give a paper in a series on ‘Connecting the Ancient World: Mediterranean shipping, maritime networks and their impact’ – a series that I really wish I’d heard the rest of, but will just have to wait for the publication. The real pleasure of the trip, besides the excellent hospitality and the fact that Trier is a wonderful city for all lovers of Roman stuff – I’m already thinking about organising a student trip, to give me an excuse to go back – was the opportunity of hearing about the work of the ancient history team there, and questioning a few of my own preconceptions about methodology.

Experimental archaeology, for example; there’s something about building replica ballistas in order to fire iron bolts at dummies wearing replica armour that seems too much like fun to be proper academic research. (more…)

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