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Have just finished the paper that I’m giving in Freiburg on Thursday evening on Thukydides und der moderne Geschichtsbegriff, focusing on the fascinating 1842 book on the subject by the later historical economist Wilhelm Roscher, and thought that I could easily make it available here for any readers of German who might be interested. It’ll be just the second time that I’ve attempted to give a paper in German – I do strongly believe in trying to do this, as a blow against the increasing dominance of English in the world of classics and ancient history, but it’s a fairly terrifying prospect for someone like me who is essentially self-taught (albeit I read a lot of novels and detective fiction in German, and regularly watch Biathlon). This is, therefore, simply a revised version of the first paper I ever gave in German, in Bielefeld in 2011, and it’s basically a modified translation of a paper that I’ve given a few times in English and have now published in the collection on the modern reception of Thucydides I edited with Katherine Harloe.


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